Seminars & Workshops


In its quest to develop the media performance of Palestine, PMF conducts specialized media workshops and seminars periodically. These events host renowned media experts and consultants in order to open the door for meaningful dialogue, objective evaluation and constructive criticism on different media experiences regarding the Palestinian issue.

Supporting the Palestinian cause

(2018-09-27) Istanbul, Turkey

Palestine in the Arab Media (Arabic)

(22/2/2018) Rabat, Morocco

Palestinian Content on Digital Platforms (Arabic)

Global Solidarity with the Palestinian Journalists (Arabic)

(26/9/2020) online

Confronting Normalization in Arab Media (Arabic)

(2018-11-01) Istanbul, Turkey

The annexation of the West Bank

(2020-10-06) online

Media policies that cover the Palestinian cause

(2020-06-16) online

Palestine Films: Opportunities and Challenges (Arabic)

(30/3/2022) Nazareth – Palestine