Palestine Films

A Project to Promote Films and Visual Productions on Palestine

Visual Production (especially films) plays a big role in communicating and disseminating the information, and the web has facilitated the film’s reach to large segments of society.
There is a rich material from the Palestinian films as well as international films about Palestine that are scattered worldwide. This project aims at assembling all these films in a major database that facilitates access to any film by subject, title, director, type of film, And then to find a way to display this material in its original languages ​​and in other foreign languages ​​after its translation, whether the offer was through the website or through artistic events.

Project's Objectives


providing training to youth to stimulate their creativity in film production for Palestine.


Publishing and spreading films on Palestine in all available international programs and activities.


Documenting the Palestinian film, introducing it, and facilitating its publication in a modern way that suits the rapid pace of the modern era and adapts to the modern platforms of electronic media.

Supporting Collaboration

Enhancing the cooperation between the workers in the field of artistic production in all their specialties


Translating films to all most-used international languages