Media Training


PMF offers numerous professional media training programs with the aim of empowering Palestinian journalists and media professionals, as well as the pro-Palestine activists around the world, to enhance their ability to influence the global public opinion and to present the Palestinian narrative in a more effective and expressive manner.

Mobile Journalism

online (13/3/2022)

Mobile Journalism

Hebron – Palestine(13/3/2022)

Managing media campaigns on social media platforms

Gaza, Palestine(13/3/2022)

Advocating the Palestinian Cause

Istanbul, Turkey(12/2/2022)

Social Media for Palestine

Tripoli, Lebanon (6/2/2022)

Writing for Image

Ammaan – Jordan (6/2/2022)

Media coverage of human rights issues

Tulkarm – Palestine (12/2/2022)

Mobile Journalism

Nazareth – Palestine (9/1/2022)

Mobile Journalism

Rafah – Palestine (2/1/2022)

Grammatical efficiency and language editing

Umm al-Fahm – Palestine (21/12/2022)

Dealing with the media

Istanbul, Turkey (8/1/2022)

The humanitarian press

Hebron – Palestine (24/1/2022)

field correspondent

Rafah – Palestine (4/12/2021)

Mobile Journalism

Ammaan – Jordan (24/11/2021)

Mobile Journalism

Jabalia – Palestine (23/11/2021)

Making digitel videos

Ammaan – Jordan (22/11/2021)

field correspondent

Ramallah – Palestine (17/11/2021)