Joint Broadcasting
Gaza Wins


this joint broadcasting was to commemorate the victory of the resistance in Gaza against the Israeli Attacks, to form an expression of solidarity with the people of Gaza from a large group of Arab media, and in order to shed light on the social and economic life of the people of Gaza under the Israeli aggression and raise the morale of the people of Gaza that the free world stands with them

Episode Content

This Joint Broadcasting included diverse activities, among which:
Throughout the program, the program hosted Professors Munir Shafiq and Atef Al-Joulani.
The program hosted for limited periods via satellites by Khaleda Jarrar, Dr. Hani Al Bassous and Mr. Jamal Zahalka.
The program hosted by the Moroccan artist Rachid Gholam and presented his new song “Here is Gaza”
The program presented several technical paragraphs:
1. Letter to Gaza – Artist Khalil Shehada Abu Shafiq
2. Our conquest – Mu’taz al-Ketut
3. The Operetta of the people who make his victory – several Arab artists
The program concluded with a meeting with the Director General of the Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication, Mr. Hisham Qasem.

Participant Channels



click here to watch parts 1 and 2 of the recording