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Communique issued by the African Media Group

Communique issued by the African Media Group who participated in TAWASUL III, the “Palestine Addressing the World” international conference, held on 17-18 November 2018  by PIFMC. Reaffirming their continued support for the struggle of the Palestinian people for independence and self-determination in their homeland; Emphasising the need to highlight the Palestinian narrative in the African media; Determining to develop a communication strategy for cooperation between Palestinian media organisations and their counterparts in Africa; we have decided to: 1. Hold joint events to mark International [...]


“TAWASUL III Conference” Recommendations

The PIFMC, Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication, has successfully concluded its third biennial conference this Monday 19th November, which was held in Istanbul with the participation of more than 750 journalists from 65 countries around the world. The conference was entitled “Palestine Addressing the World” in Istanbul; and it was featured with the presence of influential media personalities, editors and directors of various media organizations, including remarkable attendance of youth especially students of media colleges from the various [...]