Correspondent to Palestine

Project's Mission : Highlighting Reality in Palestine through International Media Lenses and Pens.

Driven by the pressure of the Zionist lobby, several international media institutions deliberately falsify the facts and deceive international crowds and the global public opinion. Therefore, for this purpose, and in order to unleash what is happening in Palestine, this project ​​“Correspondent to Palestine” came into existence. The project aims at addressing international communities in their own languages and cultures, through sending some influential media personnel on a tour to the Occupied Palestine and the Palestinian long-aged refugee camps in neighboring countries for several days to examine the real suffering and severe humanitarian issues Palestinians face, and then spreading this true image to their communities.


Project's Objectives

  1. Highlighting the humanitarian suffering of Palestinians to the whole world.
  2. Giving the opportunity to media professionals to closely interact with Palestinian suffering.
  3. Encouraging International media professionals to pay more attention to the Palestinian cause, and increasing their ability to influence their countries’ public opinion.
  4. Providing media professionals with the necessary knowledge and information about the Palestinian cause and presenting the Palestinian narrative of historical events.
  5. Correcting wrong perceptions on the Palestinian issue to the media, and conveying the image to their communities with clarity and credibility.