PIFMC Meets Turkish Media Institutions in Ankara

PIFMC Meets Turkish Media Institutions in Ankara

A special delegate from PIFMC has been to a media visit to Ankara on Thursday, 8 March 2018, as part of its efforts to strengthen relations with Turkish media institutions, including BYEGM -the main governmental media authority-, the Middle East Foundation and the Anatolian News Agency.

Mr. Ismail Mansur Ozdemir, the chairman of BYEGM, welcomed PIFMC delegation and expressed their great interest in the Palestinian cause and the importance of its support in the media and highlighting the struggle of the Palestinian people.

The visit resulted in a number of agreements for coordination of several joint media projects between the forum and the Turkish media institutions.

The Secretary-General of the Forum, Mr. Hisham Kassem said: “Turkey plays a prominent and advanced role in supporting the Palestinian cause, and it is important to communicate and build strong relations with media Turkish media institutions, especially those who are interested in the Arab and Palestinian affairs”.

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