Seminar on “Media Normalization” with the Zionist State

Seminar on “Media Normalization” with the Zionist State

The Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication (PIFMC) is organizing a seminar to combat media normalization with the Zionist entity, with the participation of a large number of journalists and media organizations in Istanbul on 11 January 2018.

The seminar discusses forms of normalization of media threats and mechanisms to confront it; ways to strengthen and intensify the boycott campaigns effectively and systematically; and in response to the normalization practices committed by some media institutions.

The aim of this seminar is to confront these projects, whose features are looming on the horizon and raise the level of the Ummah awareness of its dangers and its negative effects on future generations. Media normalization with Zionists is a second and deeper Nakba than the occupation of Palestine and the establishment of the Zionist entity. If Palestine was the victim of the first Nakba, Zionist movement throughout the Arab world, circulates the Nakba again to the entire Ummah.

The essence of media normalization is based on spreading the Zionist narrative of the conflict through the Arab media platforms in order to penetrate every Arab house in order to manipulate their thoughts, minds and hearts in order to confuse the Palestinian narrative of the conflict on its national and religious dimensions; and to replace the false Zionist narrative with the real story.

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