PIFMC in a Special Media Field Visit to India

PIFMC in a Special Media Field Visit to India

In its efforts to reach out to international communities, the Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication has conducted a field visit to India from 13th to 25th of December 2017.

The main events during this visit were two training workshops conducted in New Delhi and Kerala respectively; in addition to some field visits to prominent media institutions and famous journalists. These events were conducted by PIFMC in association with Indo Pal Foundation and ANHAD.

Commenting on this visit, the Director General of Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication, Mr. Hisham Qasem, said that “India is a very significant country in the world as it’s a rising power in the region”; and he assured that “it’s important to reach out and build close ties and networks with Indian media professionals and institutions, as they can play a vital role in spreading the Palestinian narrative of the real life of the Palestinians and countering the falsified Zionist narrative.”.

Mr. Qasem expressed his deepest heartfelt appreciation of the warm welcoming and generosity of the Indian hosts. And in return, the workshops attendants expressed their great thanks for the beneficial sessions in the workshops.

The visit was, says Mr. Qasem, “one of many to come”, in aims to create continuous media collaborations in the future; as the PIFMC’s objective is to increase media collaboration with international media institutions to cover and spread the Palestinian suffering, and interact with the related news.

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