Appeal to Preserve the Arab Identity of Jerusalem

Appeal to Preserve the Arab Identity of Jerusalem

As a response to the USA’s unjust step of relocating US Embassy to Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, the Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication (PIFMC) has organized – over the past few hours – an intensive media campaign to a large number of media institutions and journalists around the world.

The Forum called on all institutions to take a strong and clear stance on this action, and to make massive efforts to highlight the issue of Jerusalem and to defend religious, political and civil rights; which is guaranteed to the Palestinians under the International laws and several UN resolutions, and to emphasize on the Arab identity of Jerusalem.

In this context, the Forum presented in Arabic and English a Press Release, including a set of policies and media contents, to be used for the above-mentioned matters. All media content and information are available in Arabic and English on a Google Drive Folder (link is:, where you can download some themes and videos prepared mainly for this campaign. The campaign followed the English Hashtag (#HandsOffJerusalem).

Hisham Qassem, the director-general of the Forum, said that the Forum looks forward to the cooperation and solidarity of all free people in the world to support the Palestinian cause, which is a responsibility we all share, especially media institutions and journalists, who today are the most important segment in shedding light on the Palestinian issue in order to defend the rights of the Palestinian people and restore their freedom and their right to self-determination.

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